Thursday, November 3, 2016


My sister freakin scared me this morning.  I was asking my mom if this is her money.  All of a sudden, my sister woke up and said, "That's my money!"  I was terrified and shocked.  I was like, "you are so dramatic and very emotional."  Yeah, I know.  First thing you wake up, and you start shouting -- so intense.  My heart almost jumped out of my throat. I was about to open my wallet, and give her all my money.  Worst yet -- I felt like putting my hands up because she acted like I stole her money or something. "That's my MONEY!!!!!"  I square -- I almost thought our neighbor was about to call the police.  And I was thinking an escape route at my own place.  Plus, my sister's new eye brow tat did not help the situation either.  She looks for very serious and animated, "That's my money!!!!"  All of that drama for 5 bucks. 5 bucks?1!? She acted like we stole a crap load of cash from her bank account.  

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