Friday, October 8, 2010

Katt Williams talks about Gas, Meeting Rich Folks, and Living Large

Pasadena: 138 degrees during the day, and 36 at night. A pimp don't know what to wear. I got some fur coat, swim trunks, and an umbrella because I don't know what may happen...

I am just hear to remind all minorities. Whatever is going on the world today. You got to be happy by whatever you got in life right now. That's my message because the world is crazy right now. What is gas? 600 dollars per gallon now?

You are not suppose to be at the gas station making life decision. With 10, 15 dollars, you can go to the gas station with confidence, and have time to bond with your vehicle: clean the dashboard, check your CDs, and go inside to buy some Pringles. Now the whole experience is ruined.

I live in hollywood now. I am finding everthing is real, and it ain't even real. I met DMX. The fool is 2 inches taller than me. I thought he was six feet, but he is my size. I said, "Fool, why are you hollering. We in a restaurant."

I just find out I can't be friends with Shaq. How can I congrats on his game. When he has thing on my forehead. I don't even like basketball.

Then you get rich friend. Martin Lawrence is my friend. He has a 36 million dollar house. You can do anything with a 36 million dollar house. He has everything: he got a theather, basketball court, a bouncy area.

Now I am in my house, feeling all ungrateful. Where am I going to watch a movie? On a TV?!

There are two type of weeds: rookie and professional.
It's me and snoop and two brothers. These fool has sniff 4 blunts.

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